Hi 吴为,

每隔几周,我们将为您提供您在任何团队中都能够取得更好成绩所需的反馈和数据。这是您的第一份报告。 Every few weeks we’re going to equip you with the feedback and data you need to make any team you’re on better. Here’s your first entry.

在 Synthesis,我们每周有来自 78 个国家的学生加入。看一看: At Synthesis, we have 78 countries that students join from each week. Take a look:

您已经迈出了培养全球思维的第一步。您已经与来自世界各地 11个国家22 位队友合作了 8 场游戏。 You’ve taken your first steps in building a global mindset. You’ve played 8 games with 22 teammates from 11 countries around the world.

在几周后,我们将分享关于您沟通技能的反馈和数据,以识别您的优势和改进的方向。准备好学习如何让您的声音共鸣,不仅在您的团队内,还在整个 Synthesis 社区中。 In a few weeks, we’ll share feedback and data on your communication skills to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Get ready to learn how to make your voice resonate, not just within your team, but across the entire Synthesis community.
Josh Dahn,联合创始人