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The Sneaker Crime Conundrum
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Hello and welcome to CRIME CONUNDRUMS. I’m your host, THE PUPPETMASTER, and I have a question for you. Imagine this.

A company called King is the largest and most popular shoe brand in the world. They sell millions of sneakers each year.

A startup called Ace, masterminded by the designer known as Ace, creates unique versions of King shoes. Here’s how it works. Ace buys basic King sneakers and remixes them, adding different colors, patterns, and materials. Ace sneakers sell for many times more than the price of the original King shoes. It seems like every day more and more Aces are worn by athletes, celebrities, and people around the world.

At first, King didn’t care about the Ace custom shoes because they were small. But now things have changed. Ace is one of the fastest growing and coolest shoe brands in the world. While the first Aces felt like works of art, some of the latest versions of Aces are just King shoes with the logo cheekily crossed out.

So, did the Ace shoe company cross the line? What do you think: CRIME or NO CRIME?