Astra Nova 申请

Application & Admission

您好!感谢您对Astra Nova School的兴趣——我们认为单一的“招生季节”是过时的想法,而且需要收费的申请是不合理的。为了保持简单,我们全年接受申请,并每年审查三次提交的申请, 截止日期分别为:1月15日、5月15日、10月15日,入学日期为1月(冬季)、4月(春季)和8月(秋季)。被录取的学生可以选择推迟一年入学。
Hello! Thank you for your interest in Astra Nova School— we think that a single “admissions season” is an outdated idea and charging money to apply is silly. To keep things simple, we accept applications year-round and review the submissions 3x a year. The deadlines are January 15, May 15 and October 15, and the enrollment dates are in January [WINTER TERM], April [SPRING TERM], and late August [FALL TERM]. Accepted students are also welcome to defer admission for up to one year.

Before you apply, please read the WHO WE ARE , HOW IT WORKS, and FULL-TIME pages on our website— we want everyone to be on the same page before you apply.

前提 | Premises

资源 | Resources

附加资源 | Additional resources

我们打算创建更多体验Astra Nova的机会;请在接下来的几个月内访问 以获取更新。此外,这里有一些有价值的资源供您参考:
It is our intention to create additional opportunities to experience Astra Nova; please visit for updates in the next few months. Additionally, here are a few valuable resources worth exploring if you haven’t already:

  • 《通向网络》[] 是一个与全球教育工作者、家庭教育者和专业人士连接的平台。
    The Network [] is a platform to connect with educators, homeschoolers, and professionals worldwide.
  • Synthesis 是 Ad Astra 的一个课程,现在已经扩大规模 []。
    Synthesis was a class at Ad Astra brought to scale [].
  • 如果您喜欢谜题,我们将在本月底之前发布《未来的谜题》!请查看我们的 YouTube 频道以获取更新:[]。
    If you enjoyed the Conundrums, we will be releasing Conundrums of the Future before the end of the month! Check our YouTube channel for updates: [].
  • Peter Diamandis 几年前撰写了一篇有深刻见解的关于教育未来的文章,可在这里阅读:[]。
    Peter Diamandis penned an insightful essay on the future of education a few years ago, accessible here: [].
  • 我在 Synthesis 的同事 Ana Fabrega 撰写了一本名为《学习游戏》的书。您可以在这里找到它:[]。
    My colleague at Synthesis, Ana Fabrega, authored a book called “The Learning Game.” You can find it here:

第一轮 | Round 1

提示 | Thoughts

杰出的申请 | Exceptional submissions

We do have some general thoughts to share from the thousands of responses we’ve reviewed over the years. The most exceptional submissions typically exhibit:

  • 英语流利。
    Fluency in English.
  • 与挑战谜题本身的互动。
    Engagement with the Conundrum itself.
  • 考虑备选答案或方法。
    Consideration of alternate answers or approaches.
  • 从具体谜题中提取普遍主题的能力(例如:《酒店谜题》中应对腐败问题)。
    The ability to extract universal themes from a specific Conundrum (ex: The Hotel Conundrum, which deals with corruption).
  • 一封传达对您孩子作为学习者理解的家庭信,阐明阿斯特拉诺瓦与您孩子目标的契合。
    A family letter that conveys an understanding of your child as a learner and elucidates how Astra Nova aligns with your child’s goals.
  • 我们鼓励学生在未来几个月或几年内重新申请。我们目前的许多学生,在被接受之前都重新多次申请。
    We encourage students to reapply in the coming months or years. A substantial number of our current students reapplied before being accepted.


  • 我们很想了解您的家庭。请告诉我们您在学校寻找什么,以及您希望在Astra Nova找到什么。请不要超过一页。请将其视为一封简短的电子邮件,不必担心语法或拼写。欢迎使用任何语言。
  • We would love to know about your family. Please give us a sense of what you are looking for in a school and what you hope to find at Astra Nova. No more than one page, please. Please think of this as a short email, and do not worry about grammar or spelling. All languages are welcome.
步骤 | Steps

You can apply through the Official Website in the first round. Apply


  • 学生选择以下挑战谜题之一回答:(AIMAGICMUSICPETHOTELSNEAKER)。请上传一个回答的视频(首选)或音频文件,时长在30秒到2分钟之间。我们渴望听到您的孩子是如何通过这个问题推理的——我们强烈不鼓励使用脚本,也请不用担心视频质量或制作价值。
  • 以下六个谜题可以通过英才ANT(Anstra Nova Test)课程在线学习,也可以通过以下链接观看视频:
  • Students pick one of these Conundrums to answer: (AI, MAGIC, MUSIC, PET, HOTEL, or SNEAKER). Please upload a video (preferred) or audio file of a response between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. We are eager to hear how your child reasons through the question— we strongly discourage scripts and please do not worry about video quality or production value.


  • 请在最迟1月15日、5月15日、10月15日之前直接在本页上填写申请的基本信息,我们会在截止日期后半个月左右与您联系。通常约一半的申请人会进入申请过程的下一轮。最终的申请决策最迟在之后的1个月期间之前做出。
    Please fill out the basic information of the application directly on this page no later than May 15, 2024— please expect us to be in contact with you no later than June 1, 2024. Typically, about half of applicants move to the next round of the application process. Final application decisions are made no later than July 1, 2024.

第二轮 | Round 2

提示 | Thoughts

综合想法 | General Thoughts

We are looking for evidence of the following in the discussion sessions:

  • 学生的参与度
    Student engagement
  • 创造性思维
    Creative thinking
  • 孩子能够在其他人的想法基础上进行建设
    Kids who can build on the ideas of others
  • 良好的写作与沟通能力
    Strong writing and communication skills
  • 成熟和独立性
    Maturity and independence

We encourage students that reach this round of the admissions process to reapply in the coming months or years. A substantial number of our current students reapplied before being accepted.

步骤 | Steps

The students who pass the first round will receive the following email, which includes detailed steps for the second round:

标题:Astra Nova招生【下一轮】
Title: Astra Nova Admissions [Next Round]

我们已看了每一个挑战谜题的回答,并阅读了家庭的来信。根据我们的观察,我们很高兴邀请您的家庭参加Astra Nova下一轮招生过程!*
We’ve watched every Conundrum response and read through the family letters. Based on what we’ve seen, we are pleased to invite your family to the next round of Astra Nova’s admissions process!*

Please read these next steps carefully; action is required.

  1. 使用您的家庭信息创建一个入学账户
    Create an enrollment account with your family information:
  2. 如果您申请财政援助,请务必在2月15日之前完成整个过程:
    If you are applying for financial aid, please complete the process no later than Thursday, February 15:
  3. 为您的孩子报名参加60分钟的小组讨论。我们将与其他申请人和一些我们的教师一起主持您的孩子。我们在寻找什么?善良、参与、热情致力于解决重大问题的学生,以及为对话贡献质量的学生。在此注册
    Sign up your child for a 60-minute group discussion. We will host your child along with other applicants and a few of our teachers. What are we looking for? Kindness, engagement, enthusiasm to tackle big ideas, and students who contribute to the quality of the conversation. Register here:
  4. 我们将在3月15日之前做出最终的录取决定。Astra Nova 2023/2024学年日历可在此处找到:[]。一旦被录取,家庭可以选择在2024/2025学年的秋季学期(从8月26日开始)或冬季学期(从1月6日开始)在Astra Nova注册。不幸的是,我们将不在2023/2024学年的春季学期招收新生。
    We will have final admissions decisions no later than March 15. Astra Nova’s 2023/2024 academic calendar can be found here: []. Once admitted, families can elect to enroll at Astra Nova for the FALL term (starting the week of August 26) or WINTER term (starting the week of January 6) in the 2024/2025 school year. Unfortunately, we are not enrolling new students in our SPRING term for the 2023/2024 school year.

*全日制申请人将进行家庭面试,作为招生过程的最后一步。*full-time applicants will have a family interview as the final step in the admissions process.
**对于兼读申请人,60分钟的讨论将是我们做出决定之前招生周期的最后一项活动。**for part-time applicants, the 60-minute discussion will be the final event of the admissions cycle before we make our decisions.
***此电子邮件适用于您家庭中的所有申请人。***this email applies to all applicants in your family.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Josh Dahn
Executive Director and Co-founder, Astra Nova School

讨论 | Discussion

小组讨论 | Group Discussion

The second round consists of a group discussion, and the instructions for the discussion are as follows:

第二轮的Astra Nova学校入学申请为60分钟小组讨论。
Astra Nova Group Discussion in the Round 2 for Astra Nova School will be scheduled for 60 minutes.

We will host your child along with other applicants, a few of our teachers, and a collection of our students.

For the GROUP DISCUSSION, we would like your child to login to Zoom no later than the start time.

  1. 请确保您的孩子在Zoom用户名中使用名字和姓氏。
    Make sure your child’s first and last name are used for their Zoom username.
  2. 我们要求您的孩子保持摄像头开启。
    We ask that your child keeps their camera on.
  3. 尽可能为您的孩子提供一个安静的工作空间。
    Please try, as much as possible, to give your child a quiet space to work.
  4. 我们请求家庭成员在可能的情况下离开房间。
    We kindly ask family members to leave the room, if possible.
  5. 我们的目标是共度愉快时光。我们寻找的是善良、投入并为讨论质量做出贡献的学生。
    Our goal is to have a great time, together. We are looking for kindness, engagement, and students who contribute to the quality of the discussion.