Notes: Elon Musk

Elon Musk
34:00 Retarded. Stop input only process
40:00 Maye’ business made the children independent
50:00 Daydream
54:40 Meaningless
1:03:50 There is a theory
1:51:00 Choose between PhD & Career
2:20:00 Simplicity
2:34:00 Really know stuff
2:57:00 Tech not improve automatically
3:30:00 Cost effective
3:36:51 Move fast, blow things up, and repeat
3:41:00 one night… pond in… at 43m, fix the rocket at NASA with cowboy boots
3:55:00 It rewards results rather than waste
4:34:15 Elon’s essay blog about Tesla
5:26:00 What is housebroken?
5:41:10 Follow him into the hell with suntan oil
5:52 almost bankrupted
5:56 Two things about Musk
6:24 Designer & Engineer
6:30 Cost 1/10
6:40 Fix rocket with hairdryer 6:42 Cut the skirt
6:41 Shift responsibility
6:58 Tesla great review
7:00 Giga vision
7:22 Intinction of physics
7:30 Jane ere quote
7:53 Wrong about auto driving
8:00 Carbon based to solar based

9:05 The algorithm

  1. Question every requirement.
  2. Delete any part or process you can. You may have to add them back later. In fact, if you do not end up adding back at least 10% of them, then you didn’t delete enough.
  3. Simplify and optimize. This should come after step two. A common mistake is to simplify and optimize a part or a process that should not exist.
  4. Accelerate cycle time. Every process can be speeded up.
  5. Automate. That comes last.

9:05 Corollaries

  • All technical managers must have hands-on experience.
  • Comradery is dangerous.
  • It’s OK to be wrong. Just don’t be confident and wrong.
  • Never ask your troops to do something you’re not willing to do.
  • Whenever there are problems to solve, don’t just meet with your managers. Do a skip level, where you meet with the level right below your managers.
  • When hiring, look for people with the right attitude. Skills can be taught. Attitude changes require a brain transplant. (技能可以教授,而态度的改变需要进行大脑移植。)
  • A maniacal sense of urgency is our operating principle.
  • The only rules are the ones dictated by the laws of physics. Everything else is a recommendation.

10:53:50 Toy car inspired world’s largest molding and cut the cost drastically
10:53:54 Precision is not expensive, it’s about caring
11:05 Selling all houses
11:42 Stepping toes or fired
11:43 Idiot index
11:48 Criticize people with action… Physics doesn’t care
12:06 If you don’t delete 10%
13:50 After Losing 50 times
14:03 Starlink for humanitarian of Ukraine
14:06 No good deeds… we should still do
14:09 Musk : Fedrof
14:11 Scheduler……both not suffer fools
Gates comment about Musk
14:27 Shoot in his own foot… are you not entertained?
14:33 I’m working better with engineers
15:00 [before] Reason buy twitter
15:35 Challenge the authority
15:35 move your heart…
15:38 Jim Cursa tell the problem without make bad
16:25 Universal Basic Income
16:29 The future will not unless we force it
16:40 Vacation vs Hardcore
17:34 I am who I am (neg)
17:39 Community notes: Let the humanity
17:49 At least work ?14hrs/week in person
17:55 Ralph comments on Elon
17:59 Small number people highly motivated
17:59 Slept on the floor… nature love drama, sense of urgent
18:03 Engineer stays 3 criteria: excellent, trustworthy, driven
18:06 His entire life has been hardcore and all-in… he scorns success people who has to take vacation
18:07 Elon’s email: Going forward to build a twitter 3.0
18:20 Lead by engineer rather
18:21 Danger rather than comfort

18:24 Musk just like Jobs to drive people to accomplish the impossibles
18:30 Nueron Link : Jesus kind of stuff
18:34 Go along with AI, restore vision
18:36 Musk is in the 2nd category push to 3rd
18:47 Twitter using words related to China
19:04 About conspiracy
19:31 Twitter meltdown
19:42 Tesla auto-drive: a game without a score
19:48 Even better than my human neuron link
19:49 Billions data crucial to all AI
19:5? Rise of the AI
19:57 Twitter trillions data side effects
20:00 Human vs computer power
20:03 What should my time be used
20:08 Coolest thing