STARS College Network的所有合作伙伴,包括许多顶尖大学,均认可Schoolhouse的认证,将其视为某一学科的学分或掌握程度。如果学生在高中没有统计或微积分课程,他们可以通过Khan Academy和Schoolhouse在线学习,并通过辅导其他学生展示他们的能力。像芝加哥大学这样的高校会将这些认证视为正式课程,理解学生在特定学科领域的经验​​。

Khan Academy和Schoolhouse在大学入学和课程学习中起着重要作用。通过Schoolhouse的STARS社区,乡村和小城镇的学生可以从八年级开始参与全面的数学预备课程。这些学生可以使用Khan Academy提供的指导资源,以及Schoolhouse认证的大学导师的帮助,来提升他们的数学技能并获得认证。这些认证将有助于学生在未来大学的学习中取得成功。












I would like to understand how Schoolhouse and Khan Academy coursework are weighed in the application process. Could you provide details on how these online educational platforms impact admissions decisions?

MIT Kari-Elle 的回答:
Okay, these are great questions guys. Thank you so much. So someone is asking if they want to understand how schoolhouse world and Khan Academy course work our way in the application and how do those educational platforms online impact admissions decisions.

So you’ve done your research, which I very much appreciate. Who has world Khan Academy, these are things we recommend for students who don’t have access to higher level math classes at their their home high school.

So some high schools maybe max out at pre-calculus and you want to take calculus.

You maybe want to take linear algebra or differential equations or go beyond the scope of what your high school has.

That’s when we point students to doing things like calculus on school house world in Khan Academy.

The calculus is going to be the biggest wait here for how we’re reading those certifications because again, we really want you to take within your high school 1st and foremost and only use other things to supplement your learning if you really need it because you maxed out everything in your high school.

But we recommend things like, Schoolhouse World, Khan Academy, MIT Opencourseware for students who don’t have access to calculus in particular.

School. So if we see that certification, it just tells us so the student actually has a background in calculus more or less.

So that’s how we think about that and how we talk about it in the, admissions process.

向 Caltech 提问:I heard that only a few of candidates from China are admitted to Caltech each year, which might impact the decision to submit an application. Could you provide insights into how Caltech evaluates international applicants, particularly from China, and whether this affects their chances of admission?

Caltech Melissa 的回答大意是:全球每年只招收200左右学员,所以每个国家可能只有少数几个,但 Caltech 是不设目标的(地点和人群)……大意如此。以下是提供的链接——


向 UChicago 的提问:Hi Max, thank you for hosting and for your efforts despite not feeling well. I appreciate it. Could you please explain how the University of Chicago evaluates coursework from online educational platforms like Khan Academy and Schoolhouse in the admissions process? Specifically, how do these certifications and examination scores compare to traditional coursework?

UChicago Max的回答:Got a great question here from William. So the question is about educational platforms or certificates like Khan Academy and Schoolhouse and how these certifications could play into the application review process.

I actually have some really, really good news for anybody who’s been involved. At Khan Academy and Schoolhouse, every single one of the Stars College Network partners recognize Schoolhouse certification as a credit or mastery of a subject. If you’re a student who doesn’t have statistics or calculus offered in your high school, you can take classes online through Khan Academy and Schoolhouse, show your proficiency by tutoring other students. Colleges like the University of Chicago will recognize that essentially as a course and will understand that you have this experience in that specific subject.

And we also have rural and small-town communities on Schoolhouse. So if you’re interested in being a part of this tutoring platform, the Stars College Network website allows you to join the stars community. You’ll find like-minded people, often coming from similar backgrounds or shared experiences, doing this online tutoring platform because we understand that students may not have these opportunities otherwise available to them.

We’re trying to make them as easily accessible as possible.

STARS College Network: