Synthesis Week 1/8

1月8日~1月14日 | Jan 8 – Jan 14

We’re excited to dive into important, consequential concepts in this week’s game and discussion sessions. We hope your child enjoys the exploration.

We have new challenges and discussions this week for your child to enjoy. 

游戏 | Play
超级球 | Hyperball

详情 | Details

Some might say mutations are harmful or disruptive. But the fact is, not all mutations are negative. A single mutation to wild almonds changed them from poisonous to edible, and a black panther’s color mutation allows it to hunt at night. When a mutation occurs, the rest of the ecosystem adapts… or else.

This week, maps will start off looking normal, but the second half will introduce mutations to the playing field. Teams that can react quickly to the changes will have the advantage. Teams that don’t will be left behind. Let’s see if teams can think quickly, adapt, and work as one!

模式:🟢竞争 ⚪合作

GAME: Hyperball
SCENARIO: 6 new “mutating scenarios”
MODE: 🟢Competitive ⚪Collaborative
Role Adaptability
Contribution to Group Goals
Feedback Incorporation
Creativity and Innovation

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 本周的超级球地图是关于“变异”的 – 在半场时改变它们以强制适应。你的团队设法改变策略了吗?如何改变?
    The Hyperball maps this week were about “mutation” – changing them at halftime to force adaptation. Did your team manage to change strategies? How?
  • 你是否觉得在Synthesis期间,你参与团队游戏的能力有所进化?你在哪些方面有所提高?
    Do you feel like your ability to participate and play with a team has evolved during your time at Synthesis? In what ways have you improved?

讨论 | Discussions
竞争 vs. 合作 | Cooperation vs. Competition

Is life more about cooperation? Or competition? The answer is, of course, “it depends.” But on what? This week, we’ll explore six scenarios and discuss whether a cooperative or competitive mindset will create better outcomes. We’ll also reveal the results of what parents thought about this question from our survey. (There’s still time to fill it out!)