Synthesis Week 1/22

1月22日~1月28日 | Jan 22 – Jan 28

Last week we opened up a new recurring Play time on Saturdays from 4-5pm PT. We hope to see your child there!

We have new challenges and discussions this week for your child to enjoy. 

游戏 | Play
电池未含 | Batteries Not Included

详情 | Details

Last week, our Batteries Not Included launch was an enormous success. Match after match, we watched the same story play out dozens of times. Students would start without a clue on their first match, start testing strategies during the next few matches, and finally turn into a well-oiled, precision-performance team by the end of the session.

由此很好地归纳了 Syntheis 的学习方式:创造情境,让学生在不断变化中的练习未来他们所需的批判性思维、问题解决和团队合作技能
That sums up how Synthesis works: creating situations where students practice the critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills they’ll need in an ever-changing future.

So if that was last week, what does that leave for this one? Well, we’ll be cranking the difficulty to a whole other level. The new scenarios and craftable minions will force students way out of their comfort zone, where they’ll have to throw away every strategy they’ve come up with so far and rethink everything they think they know about the game.

模式:🟢竞争 ⚪合作

GAME: Batteries Not Included
SCENARIO: 6 high-interactivity scenarios
MODE: 🟢Competitive ⚪Collaborative
Role Adaptability
Decision Making
Time Management

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 本周在《电池未含》中有什么变化?
    What changed this week in Batteries Not Included?
  • 您认为随着游戏的进行,团队是否改进了他们参与的方式?具体是如何改进的?
    Do you think the teams improved how they played the game as the session progressed? How?

讨论 | Discussions
运气还是技能 | Luck vs. Skill

The magic of chance? Or the power of effort? In our next Discussion session, we’re diving into a world where luck meets skill. From accidental inventions to hard-earned successes, we’ll explore real-world scenarios from business, science, literature, and art. Is it just good fortune, or is it the result of practice and talent? It’s up to students to decide.

No right or wrong answers here, just interesting conversations with kids from around the world.