Synthesis Week 2/19

We have a new spin on Proxima this week and fascinating discussion topics.

游戏 | Play
比邻星 | Proxima

详情 | Details

As expected, students faced a tough challenge last week and came through with flying colors. They had to battle against the new Blight feature in Proxima and work together with other teams to control it. There was a lot of trial and error and some frustration, but that’s the idea – learning to deal with tough situations as a team.

本周,挑战更加严峻。孩子们将不仅要应对Blight(荒地),还要同时应对其他团队。 Blight(荒地)可能随时出现,而其他团队可以做任何事情,因此学生们必须决定哪个威胁更大。这可能并不总是感到公平,但生活并不总是公平对待我们——最好的团队将学会接受逆境并永不放弃。
This week, the challenge is even tougher. Kids will have to deal with both the Blight and other teams. The Blight could appear anywhere and other teams can do anything, so students will have to decide which is the bigger threat. It may not always feel fair, but life doesn’t always treat us fairly –the best teams will learn to accept the adversity and never give up.

模式:🟢竞争 ⚪合作

GAME: Proxima
SCENARIO: 6 scenarios
MODE: 🟢Competitive ⚪Collaborative
Rol Adaptability
Responding to Pressure
Decision Making

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 本周协作与竞争性玩法的动态变化如何?它是如何改变您应对Blight(荒地)的方式的?
    How did the dynamic change this week from collaborative to competitive play? How did it change the way you dealt with the Blight?
  • 您是否曾感到沮丧?在感到沮丧时您做了什么?在相同情况下其他学生又做了什么?
    Did you ever feel frustrated? What did you do when you felt frustrated? What did the other students do in the same situation?

讨论 | Discussions
How Much Would You Sacrifice?

Much of adult life is navigating the tension between ambition and personal compromise. In this week’s scenarios, students are invited to consider varying depths of commitments and the impact of their choices on their time, money, family, and health. What are we truly willing to sacrifice for success? No right or wrong answers, just interesting conversations with students from around the world.

No right or wrong answers here, just interesting conversations with kids from around the world.