Synthesis Week 2/26

导师 | Tutor
加法星座 | Summation Constellation

Long addition gets much easier when students know their small addition facts off the top of their head. In Summation Constellation, students will get lots of practice, all while trying to beat their high score and having fun.

游戏 | Play
电池未含 | Batteries Not Included

详情 | Details

They say computers are made to serve humans; they say computers can protect us. But this week, they’re wrong. Welcome to collaborative mode for Batteries Not Included, where teams work together to craft batteries and orbs to stop viruses from infecting their mainframe. The opponent this week? A Synthesis supercomputer that gets faster and more efficient each round. Will teams have what it takes to outperform, outcompete, and outlast the machine on the other side?

模式:⚪竞争 🟢合作

GAME: Batteries Not Included
SCENARIO: 6 scenarios
MODE: ⚪Competitive 🟢Collaborative
Division of Work
Quick Reaction
Organization of Teammates

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 你玩过的最有效的团队是什么?是什么让那个团队表现得如此出色?
    What was the most effective team you played on? What was it that made that team work so well?
  • 协作模式和竞争模式有什么区别?你有最喜欢的吗?
    What’s the difference between collaborative mode and competitive mode? Do you have a favorite?

讨论 | Discussions
为未来而活 |
Living for the Future

Our session this week explores the dilemma between immediate benefits and the promise of long-term advantages. Will students chase the quick thrills or play the long game for a brighter future? From eco-friendly cars to saving for college, every decision has its stakes. This week, we unravel the mystery of living for the future —where your decisions today shape the world of tomorrow. What will you choose?

No right or wrong answers here, just interesting conversations with kids from around the world.