Synthesis Week 4/15

A friendly reminder that we now have weekly Play times on Mondays from 10am-12pm PT and Fridays from 1pm-3pm PT.

We have more challening Polis maps and a new series of Discussion topics this week.

游戏 | Play
城邦 | Polis

详情 | Details

This week, it’s a game within a game. The first game is Polis: student houses will compete for The Polis Prize by trying to get 521 players to win at least one game over the course of the week. The second game is teamwork: how do we get our housemates to win? To succeed here means being able to ask questions, share information, ensure alignment, and encourage others (see video). In other words, the same skills that all innovative teams use. Skills like these take time to sharpen, so the students that practice now will be the adults who make it look natural when they’re older.

模式:⚪竞争 🟢合作

GAME: Polis
SCENARIO: 5 Challenges
MODE: ⚪Competitive 🟢Collaborative
Information Analysis
Second-Order Thinking
Cause and Effect

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 您如何帮助其他玩家成功?某些策略比其他策略更有效吗?
    How can you help other players succeed? Did some strategies work better than others?
  • 《城邦奖》的关键更多是关于a)个人表现,还是b)团队发展?
    Is the key to The Polis Prize more about a) individual performance, or b) team development?

任务简报 | Mission Brief

讨论 | Discussions

追根溯源 | Root Questions

The slowed tempo of Polis allows students time to think more deeply, and this week’s Discussion session gives them a strategy to do just that: find the root of the issues.

Rather than finding the solutions to scenarios, students will first decide on what the essential question is. Then, they’ll spend time discussing that root issue: courage, compassion, curiosity, and more. It’s a skill they can practice in Play, and use in life.

讨论介绍 | Discussion Intro