Synthesis Week 6/3

Synthesis Teams | 团队:
This week’s Play and Discussion sessions will explore what clear communication is all about.

Synthesis Tutor | 导师:
We have some new division and multiplication lessons for your child to enjoy.

游戏 | Play
超级球 | Hyperball

详情 | Details

当需要快速做出决定时,我们的沟通方式会发生变化。大多数情况下,它会变得更加紧张。那么我们该怎么办?第一步是认识到何时沟通无效——声音越来越大,或反复重复同一句话。教练会留意那些开始陷入这些常见模式的团队。第二步是重新聚焦于清晰的沟通——保持冷静并保持视角。这并不容易;Hyperball 是一款快节奏的游戏,下周将颁发奖杯。然而,这些具有挑战性的条件正是让学生练习所需的完美环境。
When decisions need to be made quickly, our communication style changes. Most of the time, it gets more frantic. So what can we do? The first step is recognizing when communication is ineffective — getting louder and louder, or repeating the same phrase over and over. Coaches will be on the lookout for teams starting to fall into these familiar patterns. The second step is to refocus on clear communication — staying calm and keeping perspective. It won’t be easy; Hyperball is a fast-paced game, and the trophy is on the line next week. And yet, these challenging conditions are the perfect environment to give students the practice they need.

模式:🟢竞争 ⚪合作

GAME: Hyperball
SCENARIO: 5 challenges
MODE: 🟢Competitive ⚪Collaborative
Clear Communication
Quick Decision Making

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 你们团队的沟通情况如何?有效还是无效?
    How was the communication on your teams? Effective or ineffective?
  • 是否有可能在冷静的情况下做出快速决定?为什么或为什么不?
    Was it possible to make quick decisions with a calm mind? Why or why not?

任务简报 | Mission Brief


讨论 | Discussions

清晰沟通 | Clear Communication

本周的讨论课程将深入探讨清晰的沟通。每个情景都为所有队友提供了分享想法、举例和提问的挑战。在前半部分,学生将有四次机会分析他们的沟通。然后我们将把时间交给他们,看看他们是否能在整个后半部分保持清晰的沟通。这些对话的节奏会比 Hyperball 游戏更轻松,这意味着有更多时间深入思考什么使沟通有效……或失败。
This week’s Discussion session will deepen the focus on clear communication. Each scenario present a challenge for all teammates to share ideas, give examples, and ask follow-up questions. In the first half, students will have four chances to analyze their communication. Then we’ll turn it over to them and see if they can maintain clear communication for the entire second half. The pace of these conversations will be more relaxed than a game of Hyperball, which means more time to think deeply about what makes communication work… or break down.

讨论介绍 | Discussion Intro


导师 | Tutor
新课程 | New Lesson

连接除法 | Connecting the Divide

In this lesson, your student will take all they’ve learned about division and see how it can be used to solve everyday problems. By working through word problems, your student will build a bridge between real-world situations and the math we can use to solve them. Connecting the Divide can be found in the Multiplication and Division Unit.

只有一个 | Only One

在这节快速课程中,您的学生将探索乘法的恒等性质。虽然我们可能知道乘以 1 有一个简单的技巧,但在这节课中,导师会确保您的学生对为什么这个技巧每次都能奏效有深刻和直观的理解。只有一个课程可在乘法和除法单元中找到。
In this quick lesson, your student will explore the identity property of multiplication, While we may know that there is a simple trick to multiplying by 1, in this lesson the Tutor will make sure your student has a deep and intuitive understanding of why that trick works every time. Only One can be found in the Multiplication and Division Unit.