Synthesis Week 7/8


This week’s Synthesis activities focus on compounding effects and strategic planning. During the gameplay, students will explore how early actions impact final outcomes in Proxima and deal with distractions in the maps to maintain team cohesion. In the discussion sessions, they will delve into compounding benefits by comparing the effectiveness of small, consistent actions versus infrequent, significant ones. These activities will help students enhance their strategic thinking and information analysis skills while honing their communication abilities in a collaborative setting.

游戏 | Play
比邻星 | Proxima

详情 | Details

This week, students return to the concept of compounding effects as we return to the game of Proxima and the first-ever “Proxima Prize.” How will early actions make or break the final results? To complicate things, we’ve also introduced red herrings into the maps this week, extraneous information to distract teams from what really matters. The result? Students can expect to feel pulled in different directions, and we’ll expect them to maintain their cohesion as a problem-solving unit.

模式:🟢竞争 ⚪合作

GAME: Proxima
SCENARIO: 5 maps
MODE: 🟢Competitive ⚪Collaborative
Compounding Effects
Information Analysis

反思 | Post-play

Here are some follow-up reflection questions, in case you’d like to discuss the experience with your child.

  • 有哪些“红鲱鱼”分散了你对最有效策略的注意力?
    Were there any “red herrings” that distracted you from the most effective strategy?
  • 哪些早期的行动在游戏后期产生了最大的影响?
    What early moves had the most impacts later in the game?

任务简报 | Mission Brief

讨论 | Discussions

复利效益 | Compounding Benefits

Compounding effects mean that small actions repeated over time can lead to bigger and bigger changes. But does this apply everywhere? The central conflict of compounding benefits is choosing between doing a little (but consistently) or doing a lot (but infrequently). In this week’s scenarios, students weigh two choices and discuss whether it’s better to achieve compounding benefits or try another method. No right or wrong answers, just an interesting exploration of a concept they’ll work with for the rest of their lives.

讨论介绍 | Discussion Intro